The International Chili Society Announces 2023 Regional Contest Reps for Sanctioned Events

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Contest Representatives are qualified individuals who represent ICS at sanctioned cook-offs. Contest Reps serve as mentors, sharing positive contest experiences and are present to assist Contest Organizers in running an organized and fair ICS sanctioned contest.

Contest Representatives responsibilities include the following:
● Consult with Contest Organizers (as needed) during the event planning process
● Attend contest & assist Contest Organizer in conducting the contest
● Visit and greet teams during the contest
● Assist Contest Organizer in adhering to ICS rules and regulations
   > Resolve any scoring issues that arise
   > Resolve rule interpretation disputes or questions regarding judging

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, ICS Contest Representatives may also serve as Chief Judge/Scorekeeper by providing the following services:
● Supervise and coordinate the numbering & dispensing of cups to cooks
● Conduct Cooks Meeting
● Conduct Judge Meeting
● Supervise the judging process to ensure rules & regulations are followed

Download the 2023 Contest Reps sheet for regional details.

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