Youth Categories

Now is the time to get our youth involved! ICS sanctions two youth categories: Traditional Red and Homestyle. There only needs to be 5 youth per youth category to qualify for the WCCC!

Youth cooks must be 6 to 17 years of age. Their parent or guardian must email to apply. Youth cooks must prepare their chili with adult supervision, but not adult participation.

  1. Adult may help with knifework and prep, during prep ONLY.
  2. Adult assistance MUST STOP once the 3-hour cooking time starts. At that time adults are there to supervise only and assist with any safety concerns (i.e. moving heavy or hot items, etc.)
  3. Adults cannot taste the youth’s chili, this is kid’s time to shine and make their own cooking decisions. Youth cooks may have other youth [ages 17 and under] taste their chili.

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