Desert Rat Regional - Winners Announced!

ICS congratulates the winners of the Desert Rat Regional in California City, CA on March 31, 2018.



1st Place: Susie Baumberger (Qualifies for WCCC 2018)

2nd Place: Jim Beaty

3rd Place: Mike Stewart

4th Place: Gene Beller

5th Place: Dione Cooley / Mark Haught (Tie)


Chili Verde

1st Place: Irene Menchaca (Qualifies for WCCC 2018)

2nd Place: Tish Crawford

3rd Place: Jim Beaty

4th Place: Dione Cooley

5th Place: Mark Haught



1st Place: Tish Crawford (Qualifies for WCCC 2018)

2nd Place: Karen Angotti

3rd Place: Chuck Harber

4th Place: Clark McGee

5th Place: Sachiko Brecke


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