1975 -Chilli Man Chilli

byJoe DeFrates


This was a star-studded Cookoff with celebrities such as Ernie Borgnine, Robert Mitchum, William Conrad, Peter Marshall, Dale Robertson, John Derek, Vicky Lawrence, Joey Bishop, and Chill Wills who would become the official ICS and World's Championship MC until his death in 1978. Joe DeFrates joined C.V. Wood, Jr. as the only two- time World's Champion. Second place went to Myles "Pig Pen" Grossman of Nevada and Third to the Girl Scout Troop of Odessa, Texas. Woodruff "Wino Woody" DeSilva joined H. Allen Smith and Wick Fowler in chili heaven just before the Ninth Annual.


1 pound ground beef
1-1 1/4 ounce envelope Chilli Man Chilli Mix
8 ounce can Hunts tomato sauce
1 dash Tabasco sauce


Brown ground beef in heavy skillet.

Stir in contents of chili mix and add tomato sauce.

Simmer for 1 hour and add Tabasco.

*Joe DeFrates originally developed the Chilli Man Mix (the Illinois spelling of Chili) and sold it, packaged, under that name from the 1950s until he sold the recipe to the Milnot Co. of Litchfield, IL, in the 1970s. It is available today in most midwestern states under the original name. The actual ingredients of the chili mix are not available.