2023 -Riley's Wildfire Chili

by Riley McCusker


Riley just turned 11 a week before the World Championships! This is her 3rd year of competing at Myrtle Beach. Riley is from Drexel Hill, PA. She is a huge Eagles and Phillies fan! Riley enjoys sports, cooking, dancing, hanging with her dad, and having fun! She has been cooking since she was 8 and fine-tuning her skills at competitions around the country with help from all the great chili families and of course the PA Posse!! Riley credits an easygoing day at the park with the Levy's and a ride on the sky wheel with Pops Gramm, and the girls as her secret to winning! Once she got past 4th place and not hearing her name, she knew she was winning her division in the 6-11 age group!


Spice Mix:
6 Tbl of Mild Bill's chili spice
1Tbl of paprika
1Tbl of garlic powder
1Tbl of onion powder
2 Tbl of cumin
2 tsp of salt

2lbs of tri-tip freshly cut from Colonial Village
2 jalapeno slices on the sides

16oz of chicken broth
8oz of tomato sauce
spoonful of garlic


Mix all spices together then separate into 3 separate bowls to put in at different times.
Start your sauce in a large pot and bring it to a boil. Once boiling, lower it to a simmer and add 1st set of spices and jalapenos.
While you are waiting for your sauce to boil, brown meat in a frying pan. Rinse the grease off. Add to the pot when it is boiling.
Ater an hour, remove jalapenos and add 2nd set of spices. Let it cook down. 45 minutes later, add 3rd set of spices and let cook. 20 minutes to turn- in and adjust for salt and heat.