2018 -HellBelly Jr. Homestyle Chili

byEmily Donnelly



1.5 LB tri-tip, cubed 1/4 inch
1 LB ground tri-tip
3/4 can Bush’s pinto beans
16 OZ. Swanson beef stock
6 OZ. Goya tomato sauce
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 medium white onion, minced finely

1 TBL Mild Bill’s Hungarian paprika
2 TBL Mild Bill’s: New Mexico Hot chili powder
3 TBL All Things Chili: Champion Blend chili powder
1 TBL Mild Bill’s garlic powder
1/8 TSP Mild Bill’s jalapeno powder
2 TBL Mild Bill’s hatch mild chili powder
2 TBL Mild Bill’s cumin
1 packet Sazón Goya with coriander
1/8 TSP Mild Bill’s serrano powder
1 TSP Morton sea salt
1 TSP Giant store brand brown sugar
16 OZ. can Swanson beef stock


Grind and blend all spice mix ingredients together the night before. The day of cooking, hydrate with 16oz of beef stock and keep separate.

Add other can of beef stock, tomato sauce, garlic cloves and onion to pot. Bring to a boil.

Boil cubed tri-tip separately until gray in color, rinse and add to chili pot.

Make three large meatballs out of the ground tri-tip and boil separately until 3/4 cooked. Add to chili pot and float until 1 hour to go.

Add 1/3 of prepared spice mix every hour.

30 minutes before turn in, add beans.

Adjust chili with jalapeno, serrano powder, salt and/or sweetness as needed.