Dave Hipskind
  Meet the Winner

For thirty-three years Dave Hipskind has dreamed of being World Champion of the International Chili Society (ICS) World's Championship Chili Cookoff (WCCC). Along the way Dave's wife, Kathy was crowned Red Chili Champion of the ICS WCCC in 2004.

In chasing their somewhat elusive mission to become Champions, Dave & Kathy realized their fellow ICS competitors had become a second family. Each cookoff is like a family reunion. ICS competitors develop a special bond and friendship competing over the years. They share family life experiences and watch as families change and grow. They talk about their highs and lows, but most of all they talk about CHILI. As competitors, they change their recipes, their spices and other ingredients. They adjust and tweak, all in an attempt at perfecting their bowl of chili. Dave's perseverance paid off October 18th when he won the 2015 ICS World's Championship Chili Cookoff at the spectacular Grand Sierra Resort in Reno Nevada.

Dave has competed in hundreds of ICS Chili cookoffs, initially cooking as a team with Kathy. They won their 1st cookoff at the Reno Rodeo back in 1982. Following their first taste of victory, they won the 1983 California State Cookoff at the Balboa Bay Club. In those early years, it seemed they could do no wrong, winning numerous cookoffs. However, like most couples, there always seems to be a difference of opinion on how to cook the best chili. So they decided to go head-to-head and see who made the better chili. In 1993, Dave got his first ticket to the WCCC by winning the Washington State Championship. Besides numerous district cookoffs, he has won High Sierra Regional (4 times), Nevada Capital Regional (2 times), Laughlin Regional, and was 4th place in the 2001 WCCC. Dave became more involved with ICS in 1984 and began producing and organizing Regional and District cookoffs. Some of the charities and non-profits benefitting from is efforts include Ernie Bodai's Cure Breast Cancer, Elk Grove Old Town Foundation, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Hospice, Boy Scouts of America, Rotary, Veterans groups, Shiner's Hospital for Children, Lupus Foundation, several local food banks, and many other local charities.

Dave & Kathy are the owners of The Red Door Antiques, Vintage & More in Old Town Elk Grove, CA. Dave has become very active in the local business community. For the past 7 years, he has organized and produced the Old Town Elk Grove Chili Festival. It has become one of the premier events in Old Town, attracting thousands of visitors every year. In addition, as a member of the Old Town Elk Grove Foundation, he has assisted in many other events throughout the year, such as the Annual Holiday Dickens Faire, Vintage Trailer Show and Antique Flea Market. The Red Door Antiques continues to grow and expand, more than doubling their original size. 2015 has been an extremely busy year for Dave. Along with running The Red Door Antiques, he agreed to Chief Judge a number of cookoffs, reducing the number of chances to qualify for WCCC2015. While always finishing near the top of each cookoff he competed in, Dave never qualified to cook in 2015 WCCC. So, he joined 47 other cooks at the 2015 "Last Chance" Cookoff. He qualified along with 9 other contestants for one of the coveted ten final spots to cook a traditional "bowl of red". However, he was not completely satisfied with his chili at "Last Chance" and made a couple adjustments that turned an excellent chili into a Worlds Champion Chili.

Dave has acted as chief judge for many ICS sanctioned cookoffs including the World's Championship Chili Cookoff. He has helped hundreds of members get their start with the ICS and is always willing to lend a hand. Dave will be organizing and producing his Old Town Elk Gove Chili Fest on May 21st of 2016.

  Winning Recipe
Dago Reds Too

Stock pot
2 14 oz. Swanson's chicken broth
1 7 3/4 oz. can of regular El Pato Mexican tomato sauce
1 6 oz. can spicy V-8 juice
4 tsp. McCormick/Shilling onion powder (or 1-2 medium finely diced onions)
2 tsp. McCormick/Shilling garlic powder (or 6-8 cloves finely diced garlic)
2 Tbsp. McCormick chili powder (or other suitable chili powder blend like Gebhardt's)

@ 1.5 hours add ingredients below (mix with broth from your chili pot until rich paste is formed)
2 Tbsp. McCormick chili powder (or other suitable chili powder blend like Gebhardt's)
3 tsp. California chili powder
5 tsp. McCormick ground cumin
1/2 tsp. Accent of MSG (optional)
1 Tbsp. Tabasco red pepper sauce
Salt to taste
@ 2 hours add to pot (mix with broth from your chili pot until rich paste is formed)
1 tsp. New Mexico chili powder
1 1/2 tsp. Tabasco red pepper sauce
1 Tbsp. McCormick chili powder (or other suitable chili powder blend like Gebhardt's)
1 tsp. McCormick ground cumin
Salt to taste
@ 2 hours 40 minutes (mix ingredients below with broth from your chili pot until rich paste is formed)
5 tsp. McCormick arrowroot (or corn starch)
1/2 tsp. McCormick garlic powder
1/2 tsp. brown sugar
1 tsp. McCormick ground cumin
1 Tbsp. McCormick chili powder (or other suitable chili powder blend like Gebhardt's)
1/4 tsp. New Mexico chili powder
Salt and Tabasco red prepper sauce to taste
Brown in 3 batches in a non-stick skillet (or spray Pam in a regular heavy duty frying pan), 4 lbs. Tri Tip (top sirloin) cubed with 1 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp. McCormick white pepper in each batch. Rinse each batch with clear water and place in stock pot. Brown 1 to 2 lbs. pork chops (bone in), lightly seasoned with seasoning salt. Place in stock pot with chili meat.


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