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Member Number:  Your ICS member number is either a four-digit number or the first letter of your last name followed by a four-digit number.  If your member number is less than four digits, please add zeros before the existing number to make it four digits. If you are unable to locate your ICS member number, please call ICS toll free at(877)777-4ICS (4427) or email

Zip Code:  Please enter your five-digit zip code. If you are having difficulty with your zip code, it could be because the database has a different zip code on file.  For instance, your ICS mailing address might be your business rather than your home, or, if you moved recently, your old zip code might still be on file. If you are an international member and do not have a zip code, please enter NONE. Canada residents please remember to type a space when entering your zip code (e.g. N2A 4A8).

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