Illinois State Fair Chili Cookoff

Springfield, Illinois

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Contestants shall supply all cooking ingredients, cooking devices, utensils, etc.

First time ICS cooks will have their local fees waived. Trophies and cash prizes for each category.

All Red Chili entrants must provide at least 1 gallon of Chili for sampling by the public.

All Salsa entrants must provide 1 quart of salsa for sampling by the public.
All Chili cooks must wear hats or hairnets.

Public Health Department rules require contestants to have a receipt for meat.

All ICS rules will be enforced.

Parking and admission will be provided.

Cookoff Categories

 Chili Chili VerdeSalsa
 Entry Fee
$35.00 /MBR
$0.00 /Non-MBR

 Entry Fee
$25.00 /MBR

Entry Fee
$15.00 /MBR

1st - 500.00
2nd - 200.00
3rd - 150.00
1st - tba

1st - tba
Legend: MBR=Member, Non-MBR = Non-Members, PC = People's Choice
Winner advances to: WCCC 2017

General Cookoff Information
Steve Goleman Brian White

For More Information, Contact:
Jim McDonough/Julie Pittman

217 652-9650 Jim

Additional Information
Venue Comments: The event will be held on the east side of the grounds with easy unloading and parking. The judging area will be in the new site.
some tables and chairs will be provided upon request
transportation will be provided to and from the parking lots
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