Gulf Coast Regional Chili Cookoff

St. George Island
St. George Island, Florida

Every competitor must be current with the ICS on the day of the cookoff. I don't know everyone's status, so if you're not sure, please contact the ICS at You can renew online as well

Cookoff Categories

 Chili Chili VerdeSalsa
 Entry Fee
$40.00 /MBR
$100.00 /Non-MBR
1 gal. in addition to entry /PC
 Entry Fee
$no contest /MBR

Entry Fee
$5.00 /MBR

1st - 500.00
2nd - 300.00
3rd - 200.00
1st - xxx
2nd - xxx
3rd - xxx

1st - 100.00
 People's Choice
1st - xxx
2nd - xxx
3rd - xxx

 People's Choice
1st - xxx
2nd - xxx
3rd - xxx

People's Choice

Legend: MBR=Member, Non-MBR = Non-Members, PC = People's Choice
Winner advances to: WCCC 2017

General Cookoff Information
St. George Island Hotels:
St. George Inn – (800)824-0416
Buccaneer Inn – (850)927-2585

Apalachicola Hotels :
Best Western – (850)653-9131
Apalachicola River Inn – (850)653-8139
Rancho Inn – (850)653-9435
Gibson Inn – (850) 653-2191

St. George Island Vacation Home Rentals:
Fickling Vacation Rentals – (877) 927- 2218
SGI Vacation Properties - (866)927-4750
Collins Vacation Rentals – (800)423-7418
Resort Vacation Properties - (866) 627-7330
Suncoast – (800)341-2021

St. George Island Area Camping:
St. George Island State Park - Phone: 850-927-2111
Sportsman’s Lodge & Marina (in Eastpoint, 10 min from SGI) – (850)-670-8423

For More Information, Contact:
Grayson Shepard
PO Box 920
St George Island, FL  32328

Additional Information
Venue Comments: 10x10 space with table and chairs provided

Below is a list of temporary food booth requirements for contestants in the Charity Chili Cookoff. We will be on hand the morning of the Cookoff to inspect food booths and issue temporary permits.

1) All food handlers shall wear aprons and use approved food handling instruments: i.e. forks, spoons, soup ladles, etc. Handlers must wear clean clothing and have effective hair restraints. (We know there will be some wild and wonderful costumes that day, so do your best).

2) Each booth shall have at least one booth leader who will be responsible for insuring their booth is in compliance with these rules.

3) Hand washing facilities must be provided: An ‘Igloo’ type container for waste-water below. A pan of water is not satisfactory; you must have soap and paper towels.

4) All food handlers shall not use tobacco in any form while engaged in food preparation or service.

5) Provisions shall be made to keep hot food hot (145 degrees F or above) and cold food cold (45 degrees F or under)

6) Food shall be stored in containers and not directly on undrained wet ice. Provisions shall be made to prevent wastewater from ice and other sources from draining on the ground.

7) Except during periods of immediate service, bulk foods shall be covered.

8) No foods shall be stored on the ground.

9) Each booth will be responsible for the clean-up of their area (garbage bags and containers will be provided by the St. George Island Charity Chili Cookoff Committee).

10) All food area in booths must be covered.

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