Winterfreeze Regional Chili Cookoff

K of C #364
2200 S Meadowbrook Rd
Springfield, Illinois

Health Dept requires cooks to wear a hat and must see a receipt for the meat.

Turn-in for salsa is noon, verde at 1:30 and red is at 3:00 p.m.

Please mail responses and registration fees to Joe Regan, 1321 Dial Court, Springfield, IL 62704

Cookoff Categories

 Chili Chili VerdeSalsa
 Entry Fee
$35.00 /MBR
$95.00 /Non-MBR
1 gal in addition to entry /PC
 Entry Fee
$25.00 /MBR

Entry Fee
$20.00 /MBR
1 quart in addition to entry /PC
1st - 700.00
2nd - 400.00
3rd - 200.00
1st - 200.00
2nd - 100.00
3rd - 25.00

1st - 100.00
2nd - 50.00
3rd - 25.00
Legend: MBR=Member, Non-MBR = Non-Members, PC = People's Choice
Winner advances to: WCCC 2017

General Cookoff Information
prize money may need to be adjusted depending on the number of contestants

For More Information, Contact:
Joseph Regan
1321 Dial Court
Springfield, IL  62704

Additional Information
Venue Comments: indoors, banquet style hall, table and chairs provided
The K of C kitchen will be open for breakfast and lunch

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